An eco-friendly funeral is commonly referred to as a ‘green funeral’. The main difference between a traditional funeral and a green funeral is the use of biodegradable materials.

For example using a bamboo coffin rather than a wood-effect coffin. Overall, the processes involved are gentler on the earth.

Eco-friendly Funerals

Eco-friendly funerals have become more popular amongst those who like the thought of returning to nature. Some want their final resting place to be in a remote meadow or woodland. Others choose to be closer to home so loved ones can visit regularly to pay respects. At Woodside we have beautiful grounds with peaceful gardens of remembrance which are lovely in every season.

Make Your Wishes Known

If you’d like a green funeral we recommend letting your loved ones know. In times of grief it will be comforting to your family to know that they have given you send the off you wanted.


Here to Help

Of course, talking about death or discussing funeral plans can be daunting and emotive. But we’re here to help. Our expert funeral arrangers will listen carefully and help you create a pre-paid funeral plan that fits both your budget and needs. And if you want to literally be ‘pushing up the daisies’ with a green funeral, we’ll give you peace of mind with all the information and options available.

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