This article shares links to podcasts about grief which we hope you’ll find of value.

Grief can be an isolating and lonely experience for many people but there is help available. You may find comfort in listening to the stories of others who share their personal experience of grief, and how they have found a way through it.

On The Marie Curie Couch

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The charity Marie Curie do wonderful work supporting families so it’s no surprise to learn that they also have a podcast.

Hollywood actor Jason Isaacs features in this episode, talking about the death of his Mum Linda who he describes as “a wonderful but very difficult woman.” He discusses grief, his upbringing, and how his family never really have any serious conversations. And he says it would be worthwhile for him to think about what he’d like for his own funeral, to make it easier for his family once he’s gone.

You may also enjoy actress Alison Steadman’s episode .  Alison talks about the loss of her mother, the importance of empathy, and why she still misses her parents years after their death.

Grief Cast

The cover for Grief Cast with Cariad Lloyd has two characters walking across a black hill with yellow and purple trees behind them

This award-winning podcast, hosted by Cariad Lloyd – whose father died when she was only 15 – is a series of conversations with comedians and well-known people talking about the impact losing a loved one had on their life. With over 130 episodes it covers all aspect of loss, funerals and bereavement. But it’s not all sad, there are some light-hearted parts too. Please note that as this podcast isn’t on traditional radio channels the guests are able to speak freely, so some podcasts may contain the odd swear word.

You can find the whole series via this Grief Cast weblink.

Simon Thomas – Blue Peter and Sky Sports presenter shares his experience of the sudden death of his wife Gemma to blood cancer and how he and his son are coping. thomas/id1178572854?i=1000441998447


Cruse Bereavement Care Scotland

In addition to listening to these podcasts you may wish to speak with a bereavement counsellor. Cruse Bereavement Care Scotland has a free helpline and is open 7 days a week. Cruse’s volunteer counsellors are experts in working with individuals, families, and groups. You can learn more by visiting their website or call them on 0808 802 6161.

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