Over the years funerals have diversified from sombre events to celebrations of life. Of course there are still tears but personalising a funeral can bring great comfort to those grieving for a loved one.

In this brief article we offer 4 ideas for personalising a funeral, ensuring your loved one’s final farewell reflects their life and personality. Simple touches can bring great comfort to a sad day. Some suggestions are part of pre-paid funeral plans, others have been part of funerals that have already taken place.

1. Slideshow of Images

A popular addition to funeral services is a video slideshow of images to celebrate the life of a loved one. Contributions of old photos from friends and relatives are collated to share memories of happier times. These bring great comfort to those feeling the pain of grief. After the service the video can be uploaded for free to a website such as Vimeo or YouTube. A link can then be shared with those who’d like to watch it again in the months and years ahead.

2. Bloomin’ Lovely

white daisies with yellow centres in a garden

When leaving the funeral service one bereaved family offered mourners a packet of seeds. Daisy seeds were the flowers of choice as that was their Nana’s favourite, she’d been a keen gardener so it seemed a fitting tribute. Small, individual packets with Nana’s name and a simple message were ordered with a scattering of seeds inside. Daisies can be grown in pots so friends without a garden could still enjoy the memorial gift.

3. A Novel Idea

In his pre-paid funeral plan one gentleman who is an avid reader requests that bookmarks are created with his favourite quote as a memento for those attending the service.

One of his final requests is that a ‘big pile’ of his favourite books is taken to his wake. Friends and family can then take home one of the spy thrillers, autobiographies and travel books that he’s enjoyed so much over the years.

4. Personalised Coffin

A bright yellow coffin with silver handles

Plain wooden coffins are the traditional choice but in recent years eco-friendly bamboo caskets and colourful coffins are in increasing demand. We can customise a coffin with designs such as scenic landscapes or personal photographs. Or there’s the option to choose a broad variety of colours. Subtle or bold, the choice is yours.


Make Your Wishes Known

If you’d like to record your final wishes with a professional funeral arranger we’re here to help. Our pre-paid funeral plans can be reviewed online. For a brochure or to make an appointment please contact us directly on 0141 264 2175. Please note that we now offer a video call service.